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HOW to Play


Lotto is the much loved and popular game that has been making people's dreams come true for over 30 years. Everdays Lotto is conducted by Lisboa Lotteries in Lisboa offering players the chance to make their million dollar dreams come true every week over three games.


If you've got numbers that are really special to you they could mean more to you when you play Lotto. To mark your numbers on a coupon, follow these simple steps:

  1. Grab a Lotto coupon.
  2. Mark 6 numbers in each game panel
  3. Play 4 - 18 game panels


A System Entry gives you the option to play more numbers per game for a greater chance to win. For example, to win Division 1 in Lotto, you need all six winning numbers. To increase your chances of winning, you could play a System 9 which means you get to choose nine numbers for that game rather than the usual six, giving you 84 equivalent games.


Players Club members can store up to 50 sets of favourite games and numbers on their Players Club card. Just present your card at your local Lisboa Lotteries Outlet and ask to play a Favourite. You can record any marked coupon or QuickPick as a favourite, or online members save Favourites when buying lotto online.

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