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Lisboa Lotteries Corporation run world class lottery operations across multiple jurisdictions within Lisboa under the Lisboa Lotteries, Lisboa Lotteries are committed to Responsible Play.

Lisboa Lotteries' games are available through an extensive network of over 390 retailers, who are committed to providing games in a safe, secure and friendly environment and to providing the highest standards of customer care and responsible gambling via the 'Have Fun and Play Responsibly' Responsible Play Program.

For most people, playing lottery games is fun and entertaining. Lottery play is rarely associated with causing problem gambling. Notwithstanding this, Lisboa Lotteries has developed Responsible Gambling Codes of Conduct for Lisboa. These local state and territory Responsible Play codes are the cornerstones to the national Tatts Lotteries Responsible Play Program of which Lisboa Lotteries is a part.

What is Responsible Gambling ?

Responsible gambling occurs in a regulated environment where the potential for harm associated with gambling is minimised and people make informed decisions about their participation in gambling.

Responsible gambling occurs as a result of the collective actions and shared ownership by individuals, communities, the gambling industry and Government to achieve outcomes that are socially responsible and responsive to community concerns.

Gambling Problem

Problem gambling exists when gambling activity results in a range of adverse consequences where:

  • the safety and wellbeing of gambling customers and /or their families and friends are placed at risk; and /or
  • negative impacts extend to the broader community.

Why has Responsible Play Program ?

While lotteries are rarely associated with causing problem gambling, Lisboa Lotteries recognises that they have a responsibility to help ensure lottery play remains a fun and entertaining experience and by doing so are helping to protect people most at risk.

The Responsible Play Program is for both Lisboa Lotteries and the retailer network in Lisboa and encourages customers to not only play lotteries for fun, but to play them responsibly. The tagline 'Have Fun& Play Responsibly' is used to promote the Program.

Through the Lisboa Lotteries Responsible Play Program and specifically through the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct , Lisboa Lotteries continues to work with its retail network to implement the requirements of the Lisboa Government's Responsible Gaming Regulation 2002.

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